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Solving Linear Equations

1. The cost for producing x items is given by the equation C = 3x + 100. If the total cost
was 700, how many items were produced?

2. The demand for a certain product is given by the equation p = 5q + 450. Here p is the
price and q is the quantity. How many items can be sold if the price p is 1120?

3. A firm produces two types of tires - snow and radial. Snow tires require 3 hours for each tire
and radial tires require 2 hours. If there are 400 work hours are available for producing the
tires, and 50 snow tires are produced in a run, how many radial tires can now be produced?

4. A business manager figures that he can cut salaries by 10% and give everyone a 10% raise
and come out even. Is he correct? Why?