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Recommended Placements for College Level Mathematics

Scores of 40 or less (< 20th percentile)
Students should take the Elementary Algebra Test before a placement decision is finalized.

Scores of 41 to 62 (20th - 50th percentile)
Student can

• identify common factors,
• factor binomial and trinomials,
• manipulate factors to simple complex fractions.

Recommended Placement: Student should take the Elementary Algebra test for more information. Possible placement into Intermediate Algebra.

Scores of 63 to 85 (50th - 80th Percentile)
Student can

• work with algebraic expressions involving real number exponents,
• factor polynomial expressions,
• simplify and perform arithmetic operations with rational expressions including complex fractions,
• solve and graph linear equations and inequalities,
• solve absolute value equations,
• solve quadratic equations by factoring,
• graph parabolas,
• have a basic understanding of function notation,
• have a rudimentary understanding of coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

Recommended Placement: College Algebra or course preceding calculus.

Scores of 86 to 102 (80th - 90th Percentile)
Student can

• understand polynomial functions,
• evaluate and simplify expressions involving functional notation,
• solve simple equations involving trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions.

Recommended Placement: Pre-calculus or a non-rigorous course in beginning calculus.

Scores of 103 to 120 (90th - 100th Percentile)
Student can

• solve equations with complex numbers,
• can interrelate the concepts of exponents and logarithms,
• can manipulate logarithms and exponents,
• understand trig functions and their inverses,
• can solve trig equations,
• manipulate trig identities,
• solve right-triangle problems,
• recognize graphic properties of functions.

Recommended Placement: Calculus I