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Course Description and Objectives

BSK courses are a combination of lecture and tutoring activities designed to
provide instruction in basic arithmetic, algebra, and language arts (reading and
writing). The traditional developmental courses have been divided into modules
to address the varied skill level(s) of the students.

Module Format

The BSK modules run on eight-week cycles (BSK 1, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45,and 46) or
four-week cycles (BSK 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14) during
which the course work, tutoring, and assessments are to be completed. Classes
meet for blocks of 75 minutes. * Beginning Spring 2009 – BSK 1 will be four

Module Placement

Based on Danville Community College’s assessment/placement procedures
(COMPASS) and Title III’s assessment/placement procedures, students are
enrolled in modules that will concentrate on specific skills necessary for success
in college level work. Each module is worth one (1) credit except for BSK 1,
which is two (2) credits. *Beginning Spring 2009 – BSK 1 will be four weeks.
(These credits are not applicable toward graduation.)

Basic Arithmetic Modules

Module 1: Whole Numbers
Module 2: Fractions
Module 3: Decimals
Module 4: Percents, Ratios, and Proportions
Module 5: Geometry, Measurements, and Applications

Basic Algebra Modules

Module 6: Real Numbers
Module 7: Basic Algebra Concepts
Module 8: Factoring Polynomial and Solving Quadratic Equations
Module 9: Graphing Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Module 10: Rational Expressions, Radicals, and Roots

Intermediate Algebra Modules

Module 11: Introduction to Algebraic Expressions, Equations, Inequalities,
Problem Solving, and Graphs and Functions
Module 12: Systems of Equations, Exponents, Polynomials, and
Polynomial Functions
Module 13: Rational Expressions, Rational Exponents, Radicals, and
Complex Numbers
Module 14: Quadratic Equations and Functions

Work begun and not completed in one cycle will not be carried in the next cycle.
The student must start completely over in the following cycle.

Language Arts Modules

BSK 93
Module 41: Language Arts Skills – Level 1
Module 42: Language Arts Skills – Level 2
Module 43: Language Arts Skills – Level 3

BSK 95
Module 44: Language Arts Skills – Level 4
Module 45: Language Arts Skills – Level 5
Module 46: Language Arts Skills – Level 6

Exemption of Language Arts Modules

Students in Language Arts modules may exempt modules if they have 80%
mastery on all course work and COMPASS scores which indicate their
placement in the next eight-week cycle. COMPASS will be retaken at the end of
each eight-week cycle.

A COMPASS score above 80 on reading and above 75 on writing will indicate
that a student is reading and writing on a level necessary for college courses. In
that case, the student will exempt further language arts modules.

Each module has an associated text which may be purchased through the DCC
Bookstore. Check with your instructor to verify correct text before writing in it.
The Bookstore will not accept or exchange books that have any markings in

Basic Arithmetic Modules

Module 1 Basic College Mathematics, 3rd edition
Module 2 Basic College Mathematics, 3rd edition
Module 3 Basic College Mathematics, 3rd edition
Module 4 Basic College Mathematics, 3rd edition
Module 5 Basic College Mathematics, 3rd edition

Beginning Algebra Modules

Module 6 Beginning Algebra, 5th edition
Module 7 Beginning Algebra, 5th edition
Module 8 Beginning Algebra, 5th edition
Module 9 Beginning Algebra, 5th edition
Module 10 Beginning Algebra, 5th edition

Intermediate Algebra Modules

Module 11 Intermediate Algebra, 5th edition
Module 12 Intermediate Algebra, 5th edition
Module 13 Intermediate Algebra, 5th edition
Module 14 Intermediate Algebra, 5th edition

Language Arts Modules*

Modules 41-43 College Reading Series #1
(BSK 93)

Modules 44-46 College Reading Series #3
(BSK 95)

*The Merriam Webster Pocket Dictionary is required for all language arts

Students are expected to have the following materials when they come to
all classes:

textbook (see pages 8-9)
3-ring binder – NOT SPIRAL
notebook paper
pencils (please have several pencils sharpened before class begins)
6-inch ruler for math classes
headphones to be used with computers in math modules

Nice to have but not required:

pencil bag
mini-pencil sharpener
colored pencils (for use in math)

Required for language arts classes

3 x 5 index cards (100)
pens (blue or black)

NOTE: CALCULATORS may be used upon instructor direction.

BSK 1- 5 (four-function calculator)

BSK 6-10 (four function or scientific calculator)

BSK 11-14 (four function or scientific calculator)