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Intermediate Algebra Syllabus

Description: This course is designed to prepare the student for College Algebra (Math 143) or Precalculus (Math 147.) It covers first-
degree equations and inequalities, linear functions, systems of linear equations, polynomials, exponents and radicals, rational
expressions, quadratic equations, graphing functions, and logarithms

Pre-requisites: Math 010 or placement recommendation from COMPASS (Algebra Score greater than 40)

Required Textbooks and Supplies: Intermediate Algebra With Applications, 5th Ed. by Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon C. Barker, and
JoAnne S. Lockwood, Houghton Mifflin, 2000; a calculator with log and exponential functions.

Course Objectives: The student will demonstrate a knowledge of:
addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of rational numbers; variable expressions (simplifying, translating, evaluating);
operations on sets of numbers (union, intersection); set-builder and interval notation; first degree equations in one variable (solving,
translating from application problems such as coin and stamp, integer, and value mixture problems, and absolute value equations);
linear functions (evaluating, graphing, finding the slope); finding length and midpoint of a line segment; writing the equations for lines
(including parallel and perpendicular lines); solving systems of linear equations using graphs, substitution, addition, Cramer's rule or
matrix Gaussian elimination; evaluating 2x2 and 3x3 determinants; factoring, evaluating, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and
dividing (by long or synthetic division) polynomials; simplifying exponential expressions having integer and variable exponents;
scientific notation; expressions with rational exponents (simplifying, changing to radical form); radical expressions (simplifying,
adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing); Complex numbers (simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing); solving
equations containing radicals; functions (domain, range, graphing, vertical line test, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, finding
inverses and compositions); rational expressions (simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, simplifying complex
fractions); solving fractional equations (including application problems like work problems, uniform motion, proportions, variations,
and literal equations); solving quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula; solving equations
that are quadratic in form; solving quadratic and rational inequalities; parabolas (finding axis of symmetry, vertex, x-intercepts,
graphing); exponential functions (evaluating, graphing); logarithms (log notation, properties of logarithms, evaluating logs with and
without a calculator, solving log equations, graphing log functions using ordered pairs.)

Library Use: The Library is an excellent place to find further information about topics in mathematics. The computers in the library
are available for your use in finding information from the card catalog and the internet as well as sending email.

Student Email Account If you don't currently have an email address, every registered student has a web-based student email account.
Your UserName is your first middle and last initials followed by the last four digits of your
social security number, as given on your application to CSI. If you didn't give CSI a middle initial on your application, use x. E.g., if
my name was John Ronald Doe and my SSN was 123-45-6789, my login would be jrd6789 . Your password is your full SSN without
dashes. You can access this account anywhere that you can find access to the web: at home, in a public library, in a computer lab, etc.

Outcomes Assessment: Daily homework assignments will be collected, graded, and analyzed. 9 tests and a final will be administered
and the results compared to course objectives.

Policies and Procedures:
a. Attendance is important for your success in this class and homework scores will be used as an attendance grade. Even if you don't
have the assignment done, you should turn in a page with your name and the chapter and section. If missing class is unavoidable,
please make arrangements with a classmate to get notes and the assignment.
b. Homework will be assigned daily and collected the next day. Since I use homework as a record of attendance, late homework will
not be accepted, no matter what the reason. From time to time, circumstances may force a student to miss class. I recognize this and
will drop your eight lowest homework scores. Students who fail to turn in eight or more homework assignments will be considered to
have missed eight class periods and I might drop you if I happen to feel like it. Homework that is not neatly written on loose-leaf
paper (without spiral edges) will receive a grade of zero. Please staple. If you do complete a homework assignment late and would like
to know the answers, come see me during office hours. If you are going to miss class because of required attendance at a verified
school activity, you should turn in your completed assignment ahead of time and see me before the next class to obtain the assignment
that will be due upon your return to class.
c. 9 regular exams and 1 final will be given during the semester. There will be NO makeup exams given so make sure you do not
miss a test. If an emergency arises and you cannot be there on a test day, please contact me at C.S.I. You must contact me before the
exam. Leaving voice mail prior to the exam is sufficient. If you must miss a test, that exam score will be dropped and replaced by
your final exam score. All tests, except for the final, will be taken in the Campus Testing Center (GRM 230). The Testing Center
hours are Mon. - Thurs. 8:00 am - 9:30 pm. You cannot start a test after 8:30 pm. On Friday, the hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. You
cannot start a test after 3:30 pm. Photo ID is required every time. The testing center does not make exceptions!
d. Grades will be calculated as follows: the homework average (after dropping the lowest 8) will be 1/11 of your grade. Each of
the first nine tests will be 1/11 of your grade. The final will make up the remaining 1/11 of your grade.
90 - 100 is an 'A', 80 - 89 is a 'B', 70 - 79 is a 'C', 60 - 69 is a 'D', and below 60 is an 'F'
e. Please read the behavioral policies starting on page 15 of the current CSI Catalog. Any violation of the policies will be dealt with
severely, including but not limited to, being dismissed from the class and/or given a grade of "F" for the course.
f. Cell Phones that ring or cause other disruptions will not be tolerated. If you anticipate that a child, friend, spouse, etc. may need to
call you because of an emergency and your cell phone cannot be set to alert you silently, you should arrange for the caller to dial CSI
security at 732-6605. Failure to respect the rights of others in the class will in most cases lead to a verbal warning on the first offense
and a grade of “F” and/or withdrawal from the class if the problem persists.
g. I will make every effort to give appropriate accommodation to any documented disability.
h. I reserve the right to correct errors or omissions in this syllabus.

The following schedule is TENTATIVE and subject to change. If you miss class, be sure to check with a classmate for information
about sections covered and assignments.

Day Date Plan
M 1/20 Holiday
T 1/21 Pretest, start 1.1
W 1/22 finish 1.1
H 1/23 1.2
M 1/27 1.3, 1.4
T 1/28 Assign Chapter 1
W 1/29 2.1, 2.2, in class
review of Chapter
H or
Take the Chapter 1
test in the Campus
Testing Center
H 1/30 2.3
M 2/3 2.4
T 2/4 2.5
W 2/5 2.6
H 2/6 Assign Ch.2 Rev.,
Cumulative Rev.
M 2/10 3.1, in class review
of Chapter 2
M, T
or W
Take the Chapter 2
test in the Campus
Testing Center
T 2/11 3.2
W 2/12 3.3
H 2/13 3.4
M 2/17 Holiday
T 2/18 3.5
W 2/19 3.6, Chapter
H 2/20 4.1, in class review
of Ch. 3
H or F 2/20-
Take the Chapter 3
test in the Campus
Testing Center
M 2/24 4.2
T 2/25 4.3
W 2/26 4.3
H 2/27 Assign Ch. 4 Rev.,
Cumulative Rev.
M 3/3 5.1, in class review
of Chapter 4
M, T,
or W
3/3-5 Take the Chapter 4
test in the Campus
Testing Center
T 3/4 5.2
W 3/5 5.3
H 3/6 5.4
M 3/10 5.5
T 3/11 5.6
W 3/12 5.7
H 3/13 Assign Ch. 5 Rev,
Cumulative Rev.
M 3/17 6.1, 6.2, in class
review of Ch. 5
M, T,
or W
Take the Chapter 6
Test in the Campus
Testing Center
T 3/18 6.3
W 3/19 6.4
H 3/20 6.5
M-F 3/24-
Spring Break
M 3/31 6.6
T 4/1 Assign Ch. 6 Review,
Cumulative Review
W 4/2 7.1, in class review
of Ch. 6
W, H,
or F
4/2-4 Take the Chapter 6
test in the Campus
Testing Center
H 4/3 7.1
M 4/7 7.2
T 4/8 7.2
W 4/9 7.3
H 4/10 7.5
M 4/14 assign Ch. 7 Rev.,
Cumulative Rev.
T 4/15 8.1, in class review of
Chapter 7
T, W,
or H
Take the Chapter 7
test in the Campus
Testing Center
W 4/16 8.2
H 4/17 8.2
M 4/21 8.3
T 4/22 8.5
W 4/23 8.6
H 4/24 Assign Ch. 8 Rev,
Cumulative Review,
M 4/28 9.3, 9.4, in class
review of Chapter 8
M, T,
or W
Take the Chapter 8
Test in the Campus
Testing Center
T 4/29 10.1, 10.2
W 4/30 10.3
H 5/1 10.4
M 5/5 In class review of
Chapters 9 and 10,
Hand out Ch. 9 and
10 Take home
T 5/6 Review Chapters1 –
W 5/7 Review Chapters 6 –
10 Collect Take-
home exam.
H 5/8 Answer Questions
and Review for the
Final Exam.