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MATH 011 - Beginning Algebra

Textbook: Introduction To Algebra, custom edition for Montgomery County Community College

Calculator: A calculator similar to the TI STAT 30 is required for this course.

This course is designed to help the student develop a feeling of confidence with beginning
Algebra, to provide the necessary background for an intermediate Algebra course, and to
develop the student's ability to translate verbal statements into mathematical symbols and

Prerequisite: MAT010 with a grade of C or better, or the Math Placement Test.


Four Exams 45%
Final Exam 15%
Homework 20%
In Class Group Work 10%
Projects 10%

Makeup Exam
A make up exam will not be given under any circumstances. You should contact me as soon
as possible to explain why you missed the test.

You must withdraw by the eighth week of the semester.

You are allowed to turn in two assignments late. They must be handed in before I return the

Homework MAT 011

Signed Numbers Start on page S 1
Introduction to Variables Start on page S-11
Simplifying Albegraic Expressions Start on page S-21
Solving Equations (Part I) Start on page S-27
Solving Equations (Part II) Start on page S-33
Applications of Linear Equations (Part I) Start on page S-41
Applications of Linear Equations (Part II) Start on page S-51
Percentages Start on page S-59
Inequalities Start on page S-71
Applications of Inequalities Start on page S-77
Scatter Plots Start on page S-91
Interpreting Graphs Start on page S-97
Graphing Lines by Plotting Points Start on page S-103
Grahping Lines by Finding the Intercepts Start on page S-109
Introduction to Slope Start on page S-119
Slope Start on page S-129
Applications of Linear Graphs Start on page S-141
Introduction to Exponents Start on page S-159
Introduction to Negative Exponents Start on page S-167
Properties of Exponents Start on page S-175
Introduction to Algebraic Fractions Start on page S-181
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Start on page S-187
Solving Equations with Fractions Start on page S-193
Ratio and Proportion Problems Start on page S-201
Introduction to Quadratics Start on page S-211
Applications of the Quadratic Formula Start on page S-219
Quadratic Applications & Their Graphs Start on page S-231
Section 5.1 - Factoring Start on page S-235