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Course Overview for Beginning Algebra


This course covers topics needed to successfully complete the College Mathematics course.
Topics include: polynomials and exponents, factoring and solutions of quadratic equations,
rational expressions and equations, and linear equations. This course will prepare students for the
general education requirement in mathematics. Beginning Algebra fulfills three of the credits
need for the 120-credit graduation requirement, but cannot be used to fulfill the mathematics
general education requirement. This course may not be taken for credit after successfully
completion of a higher level math course.


1. Recognize and accurately use algebraic terminology.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of basic algebraic properties and operations.
3. Graph and solve simple linear equations and inequalities.
4. Understand exponentiation and scientific notation and their uses.
5. Use polynomial operations.
6. Solve quadratic and rational equations


1. Textbook:
Beginning Algebra with Applications, Sixth Edition, 2004
Authors: Aufmann, Barker and Lockwood
Publishers: Houghton-Mifflin
2. Scientific Calculator
3. Syllabus

You may purchase your textbook through MBS Direct by calling their toll free number – 800-
325-3252 or through the UIU homepage – Click on the link called Resources for
Center, External Degree and Online Program learners. Follow the link and select External
Degree for your location.


Student Solution Manual


Math review- Chapter 1-6 - The following concepts and their applications will be covered: basic
algebra including real numbers, variable expressions and solving single and two variable

Chapter 7 – The following concepts and their applications will be covered: algebraic
manipulation of polynomials, exponentials and scientific notation.

Chapter 8 - The following concepts and their applications will be covered: factoring polynomials
and solving equations using factoring.

Chapter 9 - The following concepts and their applications will be covered: algebraic
manipulation of rational expressions and solving rational equations.

Chapter 10- The following concepts and their applications will be covered: algebraic
manipulation of radical expressions and solving radical equations.

Chapter 11- The following concepts and their applications will be covered: solving quadratic


The course will proceed as follows:

Unit One - Chapter 1-6 Review
Unit Two- Chapter 7
Unit Three: Terms Test 1 - First proctored test over chapter 1-6 review and chapter 7
Unit Four -Chapter 8
Unit Five: Terms Test 2 – Second proctored test over chapters 7 and 8
Unit Six - Chapter 9
Unit Seven: Terms Test 3 – Third proctored test over chapters 7-9
Unit Eight - Chapters 10 and 11
Unit Nine :Final exam - Final proctored exam over chapters 7-11

Read each section and work the illustrated examples. Complete the assigned problems as stated
for each section, following the directions provided by the text. In order to receive a grade,
assignments must be submitted in Unit form with the appropriate cover sheet.


The assignment sheets list the category or type of problems within each section of a chapter, and
the corresponding problem numbers of that category at the end of the section. It is advisable to
do as many of the problems in each category you can until you have mastered those types of
problems. The odd problems have answers in the back of the book for your guidance. Only a
selection of those problems will be graded, they are indicated in the right hand column. All of the
assigned problems are multiple choice with possible answers given in this workbook. To choose
an answer circle the correct letter at the appropriate position on the answer sheet provided. Each
assignment is worth 5% of your final grade. Because there are free response questions on the
tests and exam, you should always calculate your answer first, and then see which option it
corresponds to, rather than just seeing which of the options works.