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St. Catharine College is an independent, coeducational college that provides quality
undergraduate education and offers degrees in a variety of academic areas and
professional programs. Consistent with the Dominican tradition upon which it was
founded, St. Catharine College fosters education grounded in the liberal arts values and is
committed to the free pursuit of truth. The College embraces Christian principles while
respecting individuals of all religious traditions. St. Catharine College encourages
students to pursue lifelong learning and to develop a sense of responsibility for
themselves, their community, and a just society.

INSTRUCTOR: Sister Charlene Vogel, OP OFFICE: Lower Bertrand

TEXT: Mathematics for Elementary Students by Albert B. Bennett, Jr. & L. Ted


In your preparation to be an elementary teacher, we want you to achieve the following in
this course:

•Improve your ability to communicate effectively math concepts
• Successfully use problem solving techniques and tools.
•Solve problems involving real numbers using various bases to gain a better
 understanding of our base ten system
• Improve your use of various calculators and the computer
• Develop a constructive belief about mathematics


We will cover the following topics

• Problem Solving
• Algebra
• Sets, Counting Number Systems
• Factors and Multiples
• Integers, Operations with Fractions
•Rational Number, Decimals

This is not a methods course but a concepts course designed to enhance your basic
mathematical skills.


There will be assigned homework including some writing assignments. All written work
is to be typed with the exception of the assigned problems. These problems are to be
 neatly done on clean edged note paper.


Tests will usually be given after each chapter. Occasionally two chapters may be
combined. The tests will contain problems similar to those you have worked for
 homework with perhaps one or two which have a different “twist” to them. All tests will
 be graded using a percentage system. The semester examination will cover all material
 covered since the previous test and possibly some review material. It will receive the
 same weight as the regular tests. An outline of the review material will be given during
the last class before the examination.

All “turn in assignments” will be graded. This includes the written reflection
 assignments. The total points for these assignments will count the same as one test grade.
You will be allowed to drop your lowest grade (with the exception of the final examination). The final
grade will be based on the average for the tests and the
assignment average. See Grading Procedures below for the method of calculating your
 semester grade.

Grading Procedures

You can compute your average in this course at any time by using the following
procedures. Compute the assignment grade (points earned out of the total possible.)
Example: 9 points out of l0 = 90%

Add all grades (tests and assignment average) and divided by the number of grades

Example: Suppose the following were your grades after the chapter 3 test.

Test 1 86
Test 2 91
Test 3 95
Assignment Average: 78
Total 350 350/4=87.5

If you have to miss an exam, it is your responsibility to notify me that you will be absent
 and set a date to make up the exam.

90-100 A
80-89.5 B
70-79.5 C
60.69.5 D
Below 60 F

ATTENDANCE: You are expected to be on time and attend all classes. You will not be
graded on attendance, but attendance has a huge bearing on your success in any class.
 Role will be taken every class meeting.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Any student with a mental or physical disability that
 may affect his or her performance should inform me by the second class meeting so that,
if possible, reasonable accommodation can be made.

Cell Phones: Cell phones are not to be turned on during class. Please notify me before
class if there is a serious or emergency need for one.


August 18 Chapter 1 Problem Solving
August 25 Chapter 1 Problem Solving w Algebra
September 1 Labor Day No class
8 Chapter 2 Sets, Functions
15 Chapter 2 Deductive Reasoning
29 Test- Chapter 1 & 2  
October 6 Chapter 3 Whole Numbers/ Number Systems
13 Chapter 3 Operations w Whole Numbers
20 Mid-Term Break  
27 Test – Chapter 3  
November 3 Begin Chapter 4 Factors and Multiples
10 Chapter 4 More Factors & Multiples
  Test - Chapter 4  
  Begin Chapter 5 Integers
17 Chapter 5 Fractions/Operations with
24 Test - Chapter 5  
  Begin Chapter 6 Decimals/Rational and
    Irrational Numbers
December 1 Chapter 6 Continue Irrational Numbers
8 Final Exam  

*What we don’t cover in Chapter 6 will be covered in second semester.
** Short quizzes may be given at any time over material covered.


Sister Charlene Vogel, O.P.

Office Hours: Monday through

9:00 a.m. – Noon
1:00 p.m. – 4 p.m.
9:00 a.m. – Noon

Phone: Home: 859-262-5732

Office: 859-336-5082; Ext. 1245

Sister Ann Frederick Leonard:

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Joe Price:
Office Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Student assistants and their schedules will be posted on the office door