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Negative Exponents


1. Write down the rules of exponents.

2. Simplify

3. Simplify

4. Simplify

5. Simplify

6. Write   in decimal notation.

7. Write in decimal notation.

8. The tip of a 1/3-inch long hour hand on a watch travels at a speed of 0.000 00275 miles per hour. how far has it
traveled in a day?

9. Avogadro’s number says there are approximately molercules/mole. How many molecules can one expect in
0.00483 moles?


1. The rules of exponents are:

• x0= 1 if x ≠ 0 (00 is indeterminant and is dealt with in calculus).

• Product Rule:
• Quotient Rule:
• Power Rule:

• Product Raised to Power Rule:
• Quotient Raised to a Power Rule: if y ≠ 0.

• Negative Exponent: , if x ≠ 0.

6. move decimal 7 places to the right.

7. move decimal 4 places to the left.


Number of Molecules in 0.00483

In the last step we rounded based on Avogadro’s number having three significant digits. In your science courses you should
determine what the conventions are for rounding answers. In general, round at the end of your calculation.