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function,ratios,proportions,and logarithms/algebra 2
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Registered: 07.10.2004

Posted: Monday 20th of Aug 19:51    

Hi fellow students , I heard that there are certain software that can help with us studying ,like a teacher substitute. Is this really true? Is there a software that can help me with algebra ? I have never tried one until now, but they shouldn't be hard to use I suppose . If anyone has such a program, I would really appreciate some more detail about it. I'm in Algebra 2 now, so I've been studying things like function,ratios,proportions,and logarithms/algebra 2 and it's not easy at all.
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Registered: 08.03.2007
From: egypt,alexandria

Posted: Tuesday 21st of Aug 07:32    

Hi, I think that I can to help you out. Have you ever tried out a program to help you with your algebra homework ? a while ago I was also stuck on a similar problems like you, but then I found Algebrator. It helped me a lot with function,ratios,proportions,and logarithms/algebra 2 and other math problems, so since then I always rely on its help! My algebra grades improved since I found Algebrator.
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Voumdaim of Obpnis


Registered: 11.06.2004
From: SF Bay Area, CA, USA

Posted: Wednesday 22nd of Aug 21:17    

Oh wow! Nice to see that people adopt Algebrator here as well. I can guarantee the usefulness of this program. It is simply superb.
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Registered: 06.07.2001
From: I dunno, I've lost it.

Posted: Friday 24th of Aug 08:15    

binomial formula, factoring polynomials and complex fractions were a nightmare for me until I found Algebrator, which is really the best algebra program that I have come across. I have used it frequently through several math classes – Algebra 1, Remedial Algebra and Intermediate algebra. Simply typing in the math problem and clicking on Solve, Algebrator generates step-by-step solution to the problem, and my math homework would be ready. I really recommend the program.
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Registered: 02.05.2004
From: California

Posted: Sunday 26th of Aug 08:36    

I would like to try this thing if it can really help me learn math efficiently . I like maths, but after the job, I don’t have any energy left in my body to solve equations .
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Registered: 08.12.2001
From: The Netherlands

Posted: Sunday 26th of Aug 20:33    

I'm sorry . I should have enclosed the url in our initial communication : I do not acknowledge about a test copy , but the official owners of Algebrator, unlike other suppliers of imitation programs , offer up an entire satisfaction guarantee . And So , someone can buy the original version , try the software out and send it back should you not be content with the operation and functionality . Although I suspect you are going to love this program, I am very interested in discovering from you or anyone if there is something where it does not excel. I don't desire to recommend Algebrator for a function it can't perform. But the next problem encountered will in all likelihood be the first one!
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