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methods to solve first order partial differential equations
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Registered: 15.08.2007

Posted: Tuesday 21st of Aug 07:41    

methods to solve first order partial differential equations is my worst problem. Can any one help me understand it? I am a novice at it. What book or other resource do you suggest for starting this subject?
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Registered: 25.10.2006
From: Siberia, Russian Federation

Posted: Thursday 23rd of Aug 09:27    

Dear Pal, don't get strained . Have a look at, and There is a utility by name Algebrator available at all the three sites. This instrument would render all the information that you would want on the title Basic Math. But, ensure that you read through all the lessons intently .
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Registered: 05.12.2002
From: Boston, MA, US

Posted: Friday 24th of Aug 07:02    

1.Hey mate, you are on the mark about Algebrator! It is absolutely fab! I downloaded it recently from after a acquaintance recommended it to me. Now, all I do is type in the problem assigned by my teacher and click on Solve. Bingo! I get a step-by-step solution to my math problem. It’s almost like a tutor is teaching it to you. I have been using it for three weeks and so far, haven’t come across any problem that Algebrator can’t solve. I have learnt so much from it!
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Registered: 21.08.2001

Posted: Saturday 25th of Aug 11:09    

I remember having problems with algebraic signs, unlike denominators and function composition. Algebrator is a truly great piece of math software. I have used it through several algebra classes - College Algebra, Pre Algebra and College Algebra. I would simply type in the problem and by clicking on Solve, step by step solution would appear. The program is highly recommended.
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