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WOW, what great and easy way to write complex expressions, I used other Algebra software, it prefer going to hell more than writing complex expressions, it need a professional to use them, but this Algebrator, is perfect.
Maria Chavez, TX

Moving from town to town is hard, especially when you have to understand every teacher's way of teaching. With the Algebrator it feels like there's only one teacher, and a good one too. Now I don't have to worry about coping with Algebra. I am searching for help in other domains too.
Hillary Sill, VI.

It was very helpful.
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I needed to test out of algebra to satisfy the entrance requirements for school. Algebrator saved me. Thank you!
Maria Lopez, CA

Algebrator is far less expensive then my old math tutor, and much more effective.
Leilani Jekar, CA

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