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I got 95% on my college Algebra midterm which boosted my grade back up to an A. I was down to a C and worried when I found your software. I credit your program for most of what I learned. Thanks for the quick reply.
S.R., Washington

For years, I paid for an expensive program for my daughter that was nothing more than a glorified tutoring. At my daughters teachers suggestion, I bought your software program. Shes already done so much better that I realize I should have bought it for her a long time ago and saved money!
Walt Turley, CA

Thank you so very much! Whoever had the idea of inventing such a useful Algebra siftwaer - it has saved me, now I really understand it now.
Jeff Brooks, ID

I recommend the Algebrator to students who need help with fractions, equations and algebra. The program is a great tool! Not only does it give you the answers but it also shows you how and why you come up with those answers. I've shown my students how to use the program during some of our lessons. A couple of them even bought the program to help them out with their algebra homework.
Perry Huges, KY

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