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My husband has been using the software since he went back to school a few months ago. Hes been out of college for over 10 years so he was very rusty with his math skills. A teacher friend of ours suggested the program since she uses it to teach her students fractions. Mike has been doing well in his two math classes. Thank you!
Mark Hansen, IL

It was very helpful.
J.F., Alaska

This is great, finishing homework much faster!
Troy Green, FL

We bought it for our daughter and it seems to be helping her a whole bunch. It was a life saver.
M.D., Missouri

Thank you! I was having problems understanding exponential expressions, when my friend told me about the Algebrator Software. I can't believe how easy the software made it for me to understand how each step is preformed.
Miguel San Miguel-Gonzalez, Laredo Int. University

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