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You guys are GREAT!! It has been 20 years since I have even thought about Algebra, now with my daughter I want to be able to help her. The step-by-step approach is wonderful!!!
Dana Boggs, VT

I recommend the Algebrator to students who need help with fractions, equations and algebra. The program is a great tool! Not only does it give you the answers but it also shows you how and why you come up with those answers. Ive shown my students how to use the program during some of our lessons. A couple of them even bought the program to help them out with their algebra homework.
Max Duncan, OH

The software has been a great help learning radical equations, now I don't have to spend so much time doing my algebra homework.
Adalia Toms, OK

The complete explanations, a practical approach, low price and good assignments make it my best professional tutor.
Simon Charles, CA

Look at that. Finally a product that actually does what it claims to do. Its been a breeze preparing my math lessons for class. Its been a big help that now leaves time for other things.
Mark Hansen, IL

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