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If it wasnt for Algebrator, I never would have been confident enough in myself to take the SATs, let alone perform so well in the mathematical section (especially in algebra). I have the chance to go to college, something no one in my family has ever done. After the support and love of both my mother and father, I think wed all agree that I owe the rest of my success as a student to your software. It really is remarkable!
G.O., Kansas

Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier!
Sam Willis, MD

I do love how it solves the equations, it's clear enough to understand the steps, I think I can start teaching my lil sister how to solve those kind of equations :D
Adam Botts, FL

I'm not much of a math wiz but the Algebrator helps me out with fractions and other stuff I need to know for my math appreciation class in college.
Lewis Labor, AZ

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