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Graduating high-school, I was one of the best math students in my class. Entering into college was humbling because suddenly I was barely average. So, my parents helped me pick out Algebrator and, within weeks, I was back again. Your program is not only great for beginners, like my younger brothers in high-school, but it helped me, as a new college student!
Johnson, NY

My son has used Algebrator through his high-school, and it seems he will be taking it to college as well (thanks for the free update, by the way). I really like the fact that I can depend on your company to constantly improve the software, rather than just making the sale and forgetting about the customers.
T.P., New York

This product is the greatest thing. I always went to my friends house to use hers until I could convince my parents to buy it for me. I hate to say it but I really needed help with algebra and now Ive got it!
S.R., Washington

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