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We bought it for our daughter and it seems to be helping her a whole bunch. It was a life saver.
Bud Pippin, UT

Maria Leblanc

I was quite frustrated with handling complex numbers. After using this software, I am quite comfortable with it. Complex numbers are no more 'COMPLEX' to me.
Chuck Jones, LA

My son was in a major car wreak and was homebound for several months. I feared that he would fall behind in his classes. His math teacher recommended Algebrator, which literally took him through each problem step by step. Once my son was able to return to school, he had a better understanding of math then before he left. I would recommend this software to anyone!
Paola Randy, IN

You know, for a step-by-step algebra solution teaching software program, I recommend Algebrator to every student, parent, tutor, teacher, and board member I can!
Brian Phillips, WI

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