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Ive been a high-school math teacher for over sixteen years and luckily, Ive had computers aiding me in the classroom since the Apple II. But nothing has ever gotten the results or helped my students understand as many advanced equations and concepts as Algebrator has! Thats why nowadays, I make sure every student system in the school (even the notebooks) are running it! If nothing else, it makes our jobs a lot easier!
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We bought it for our daughter and it seems to be helping her a whole bunch. It was a life saver.
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No Problems, this new program is very easy to use and to understand. It is a good program, I wish you all the best. Thanks!
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Algebra problems solving techniques are what you will receive and learn when you use the Algebrator; it is one of the best learning software programs out there.
Zoraya Christiansen

I recommend this program to every student that comes in my class. Since I started this, I have noticed a dramatic improvement.
Colin Bers, NY

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